Silk Road of Pop

Silk Road of PopDirected by Sameer Farooq,

2012, China/Canada/Holland/Belgium, 0:50, Uyghur/Mandarin with English Subtitles


Deep within the mountainous Xinjiang Autonomous Zone in the People’s Republic of China, the Uyghur people are caught between their own struggle to maintain their ethnic identity in a rapidly industrializing nation and the subsequent, massive influx of Han Chinese settlers to the area. Among the population boom is an unlikely scene of diverse music trends, productions, and performances. From the traditional song of the Uyghur peoples, to modern day hip-hop, metal, and pop, there exists a veritable Silk Road of musical expression. Silk Road of Pop follows a young music lover, Ay, and her various escapades through her changing city and the shifting identity of what it means to be Uyghur in China.

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