Comrade Kim Goes Flying

Comrade Kim goes Flying

Directed by Kim Gwan Hung, Anja Daelemans, and Nicholas Bonner, 2012, Belgium/UK/North Korea, 1:21, Korean with English Subtitles


Perhaps the most controversial of the films offered this year, Comrade Kim Goes Flying is neither a documentary nor a commentary on life in North Korea. As a true co-production between Belgian, British, and North Korean filmmakers, this upbeat feature film stretches and redefines the many of the boundaries and predictable directions of North Korean filmmaking. Comrade Kim is a female coal miner who dreams of being an acrobat, despite her father’s objections and the bullying of the strong man of the Pyongyang Circus Troupe; her endless quest to realize her dreams becomes the focal point for a lighthearted comedy. Groundbreaking within its milieu, this fictional work is the first Western-financed feature film made entirely in North Korea, offering a look into a type of filmmaking not generally seen by Western audiences.

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