Film Schedule 2013


Thursday, October 17, Del Mar Theatre
1:30pm Comrade Kim Goes Flying (Belgium/UK/North Korea, 1:21, Korean w/ES)

  Sponsored by The Hotel Paradox

3:10pm The Cheer Ambassadors (Thailand, 1:40, Thai w/ES)

  Sponsored by Crow’s Nest Restaurant


Thursday, October 17, Green Valley Cinemas
5:30pm Jiro Dreams of Sushi (USA, 1:21, Japanese w/ES)

  Sponsored by Watsonville/Santa Cruz JACL

7:30pm Harvest of Empire (USA, 1:30, English)

  Sponsored by KAZU 90.3FM


Friday, October 18, Riverfront Cinemas

7:00pm Starry, Starry Night (Taiwan, 1:20, Mandarin w/ES)

  Sponsored by Judi Wyant Antiques

9:30pm Starry, Starry Night (Taiwan, 1:20, Mandarin w/ES)

  Sponsored by Five Branches University


Saturday, October 19, Rio Theatre
11:00am 11 Flowers (China/France, 1:10, Mandarin/Shanghainese w/ES)

  Sponsored by Five Branches University

1:00pm Rescue in the Phillipines (USA, 1:00, English)

  Q & A following the film with Ernie Traugott
  Sponsored by Santa Cruz Sentinel

Saturday, October 19, Riverfront Cinemas
6:30pm Linsanity (USA, 1:28, English)

  Sponsored by UCSC/Porter College

8:30pm Silk Road of Pop (China/Canada/Holland/Belgium, 0:50, Mandarin w/ES)

  Sponsored by Pono Hawaiian Grill


Sunday, October 20, Rio Theatre

12:00pm The Cheer Ambassadors (Thailand, 1:40, Thai/English w/Thai/ES )

  Sponsored by Santa Cruz Host Lion’s Club

2:15pm Zoot Suit (USA, 1:43, English)

  Sponsored by Donald Richards


Sunday, October 20, Riverfront

7:00pm Harana: In Search for the Lost Art of Serenade
(Philippines, 1:04, English/Filipino/Tagalog w/ES)

    Q & A following the film with Producer/Executive Producer Florante Aguilar
     & Director Fides Enriquez
  Sponsored by Santa Cruz Weekly

9:30pm The Orator (New Zealand/Samoa, 1:50, Samoa w/ES)

  Sponsored by Patrick Reilly, Esq.


Monday, October 21, Rio Theatre
1:00pm Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow? (Taiwan, 1:44, Mandarin/Min Nan w/ES)

  Sponsored by Ken Carlson

3:30pm The Flute Player (USA, :54, English)

  Sponsored by Rowland & Pat Rebele

6:30pm Double Feature:

  Dosa Hunt (USA, :23, English)

  Sponsored by Staff of Life

  Goldfish Go Home (Japan/Brazil, 1:38, Japanese w/ES)

  Sponsored by Green Valley Cinema


Tuesday, October 22, Rio Theatre

1:00pm Harvest of Empire (USA, 0:90, English)

  Sponsored by KAZU 90.3FM

3:00pm Summer Pasture (China, 1:25, Tibetan w/ES)

  Sponsored by Land of Medicine Buddha

4:45pm Himalayan Gold Rush (France, 0:52, French/Tibetan w/ES)

  Sponsored by Judy McAfee & John Mikols

7:00pm Mt. Tsurugidake (Japan, 1:39, Japanese w/ES)

  Sponsored by Fine Dried Foods International


Wednesday, October 23, Rio Theatre
The 2013 Film Festival Finale Benefit Evening

7:00pm UPAJ: Improvise (USA, 1:00, English)

Followed by a performance by Pandit Chitresh Das & Jason Samuels Smith

  Sponsored by The Hugh Stuart Center Charitable Trust & Annieglass